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your craft.


Lobs, bobs, and balyage... Hair trends are constantly evolving, but are you?  Honing your craft is about being able to step outside your comfort zone as a stylist and trust the learning process. It will be different, it will be challenging, but it will be life changing. 



Cutting hair - we do it day in, day out, a little trim here, trim there. But what happens when you have that guest, who brings in the photo of that celebrity, and you have an OH NO! moment. Can I do it? Do I have the knowledge to know I can do any haircut, anytime? 


Once you understand the how and why to the cut, the do will come! And if you have mastered the in's and out's and are ready for new techniques, then let's go!

IMG_0966 2.jpg


Do you ever see gorgeous color on Instagram or Facebook and say, "How can I learn to do that?" Well you can and believe it or not, you already have the tools in your toolbox to achieve them! 


Come learn the newest techniques in color, put down the bottle and brush, and step out of the box to learn how to create AMAZING color in your salon every day. 



What good is a phenomenal cut and color without the right finish? Learning to finish and style hair is paramount in providing your guest with the ultimate results, and providing them the skills to recreate their salon look at home. 


From selecting the right tools, to prescribing the right products, to adding that beachy wave, the key is in the finish! 



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