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Jason Gribbin

de·fine /dəˈfīn/ verb 


"To distinctly identify the clear meaning of a purpose or intention."


hair /her/ noun 


"A fabric that hair designers use to create their craft and ones image."


Hello my friends!  I am honored and grateful that you have taken the time to visit my page.  I created DEFINE HAIR and DEFINE ACADEMY for you, "the hair stylist", to provide you with the educational tools to define yourself, your craft, and your brand.    To truly define yourself you need to know your purpose and I realized that my purpose is helping others define themselves.


So, how do you define yourself?  How do you define the hair you do?  The answers are quite simple, however it took me a long time to answer those questions.  I knew in my heart I wanted to be a master of hair.  I knew it would take time, patience, hard work, and lots of it.  Throughout my journey, I sought out as much education as I could to help me learn my craft, which helped me define my personal brand.   Along the way I discovered that becoming personally grounded and believing in myself was the first step to defining my success. With the right mindset, anything I wanted to do would be possible.  I realized the professionals in the industry needed guidance and support defining who they are.  They need help developing their technical skills and they need help being confident in themselves.  When the right mindset and technical skills collide, a unique brand is born.  We will help you define that brand. 


I grew up in the hair industry where I was surrounded by talented hairdressers from an early age.  They were great, awesome stylists and I wanted to know how they were able to be so confident and talented.  I started in the hair industry in 1999 behind the chair, and worked as the Artistic Director for my family's salon for 12 years.  In 2002,

I had the privilege to become part of the Redken 5th Avenue tribe and I  immediately knew that I was home.   I have had the opportunity to travel all over the globe and inspire salon professionals in a variety of venues such as in-salon programs, distributor shows, the Redken Exchange, and the Redken Symposium.  When I am not in salons sharing with others or on stage doing what I love, you can find me behind the chair in my town of Columbia, Maryland or hanging with my awesome family.  I have always had a passion and enthusiasm for hair artistry!  I love sharing new concepts and ideas with others and seeing the moment when they get it. I believe in order to educate, motivate, and inspire others, you must live and breathe what you share every day.      


So, how DO you define yourself? Join me on the journey of self-discovery of your true talents, and you'll be amazed at what you uncover! 

RachelBW1 2.jpg

Rachel Gribbin

If you think my husband is pretty awesome, then I have to agree!  He has the humble spirit and talent, leaving me as the witty, extraordinary brain child behind Define Hair. In addition to wearing multiple hats such as copy editor, web administator, travel agent, and educational coordinator, I am a certified educator, nail technician, and trainer.  Over my professional career, I worked as a Director of Salon Operations, Patient Coordinator for a top DC medical center, trainer, and middle school teacher. I have worked and educated all age groups in a multitude of venues, and LOVE teaching others.  You may chat with me when you call to book classes, or correspond via email, or see me in the field traveling with Jason.  But no matter where I am, I am your YES person! 


When I am not glued to my MacBook creating content or scanning social media, I am either with our 2 kiddos, sweating and coaching, or grocery shopping in peace. 


Thank you for visiting our site and I can't wait to help you define YOU! 

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